ThE Beauty of cannesota CBD

Our mission started with 2 simple realizations: People love CBD, and CBD is EXPENSIVE!

We crunched the numbers and did our research and realized that we could provide our loved ones with high-quality CBD at a fraction of the price it was being sold for in stores. So, that is exactly what we did. It started in our kitchen, but the demand was soon overwhelming, so we took the plunge and invested in a commercial facility located in Northeast Minneapolis, and the equipment we needed to take our mission to the next level.

Every CBD company out there claims to be the best, and we know there is a lot of competition, so we let our independent 3rd party test results speak for themselves. Take a look below, we post our test results right here on our page! We pay to have every safety test available conducted on each and every batch of CBD we produce, in addition to total cannabinoid content, so you can rest assured that our bottles contain the CBD that you want, and nothing you don’t.

We think CBD should be accessible and affordable. Our commitment is to our community, so we only sell within the borders of the great state of Minnesota. This allows us to keep distribution costs low, and focus on keeping each and every customer happy. We love Minnesota, and we think you’ll love us, too!

The Cannesota Advantage

Honesty Accessibility Transparency

Transparent Manufacturing

Produced in a dedicated facility in Northeast Minneapolis, we invite our retailers to visit our facility to see how our products are manufactured.

Tested & Verified

All of our products are verified for purity and potency by independent third-party tests to ensure that you are receiving exactly what our labels claim.

Track Every Batch

Find the batch test that corresponds to the date on your bottle and see the test results with your own eyes.


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